Les Chroniques du manuscrit au Yémen


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Chroniques du manuscrit au Yémen

Special issue 1, 2017-2018

From Mountain to Mountain: Exchange between Yemen and Ethiopia, Medieval to Modern

Edited by Anne Regourd (University of Copenhagen) & Nancy Um (Binghamton University)

Recently, scholars have been committed to studying exchanges, particularly commercial ones, across and around the rims of the Red Sea. While these connections have involved Yemen and the Horn of Africa centrally, they have rarely penetrated beyond the scope of the coasts. In this special volume, scholars consider the long history of interfaces between Yemen and Ethiopia, thus moving into the landed interior. These papers explore linguistic, diplomatic, commercial, and technological exchanges and provide evidence, albeit sometimes scanty, for movements and associations that extend from mountain to mountain, rather than simply from coast to coast. The authors rely upon an array of diverse sources, including historical chronicles and glossaries, firsthand interviews, newspapers, letters from private archives, and material culture.

This special issue will be published in three installments.

Table of Contents

The complete issue (format pdf)

Maria Bulakh (Russian State University for the Humanities), “Al-Malik al-Afḍal’s 14th century ‘Arabic-Ethiopic Glossary’ as an attempt at language documentation”

Yasuyuki Kuriyama (Chuo University), “Yemen’s Relations with Ethiopia in the Seventeenth Century and the Situation in the Red Sea”

Dominique Harre (Independent Researcher, CFEE), “Exchanges and mobility in the Western Indian Ocean: Indians between Yemen and Ethiopia, 19th–20th centuries”

Tamon Baba (Kyushu University), “Notes on Migration between Yemen and Northeast Africa during the 13–15th Centuries”

Anne Regourd (Université de Copenhague, ERC « Islam in the Horn of Africa »), “Mission Dakar-Djibouti : la boîte oubliée. I. Un inventaire de la Mosquée de Gondar (ms. BnF Ar. 7337 (7))”

Menashe Anzi (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), “Yemen, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Israel: Jewish Immigration in 1962”

Nancy Um (Binghamton University) & Anne Regourd (Copenhagen University), “‘From Mountain to Mountain’: An Epilogue”